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“Soca til I die! Soca give me life!” I’m Kadijah and I’m addicted to playing mas! I am a Orthopedic Nurse by day and a Soca Queen by night. As a child, all I can remember is being fascinated with all of the colors and feathers that they wore in the parades. With a Guyanese/Ethiopian background, I started to become more aware of the culture and began to play mas about 3 years ago. My first time playing mas for Atlanta Dekalb was with VnV and I’ve been hooked ever since! This is my home band and I’m here to stay. I can be behind the scenes or you can catch me on di road bussin ah whine! 



My name is Toni "T.Marie" Hyde, and I am originally from New Orleans, La. I am a business owner, Air Force Vet, and mother to a handsome son! Though you may see me in the fete's throwing my Bahamian flag, I feel as if I represent all islands as well as "Mama Africa". Mas for me is not just a parade, but a time to celebrate life! I Love who I am, and whom I have become embracing a culture that allows me to be free! I have found my home and it never felt so good to be apart of a culture that literally has changed lives!!




My name is Destiny but I’m also known as Deedee and Dezzy by close friends and family. With a Cajun and Creole background, parades, feathers, and African culture have been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I started having an eye for carnival when I took a trip to the islands in 2013 and I realized the similarities between New Orleans and the Carribean islands. I started playing Mas in 2017 and I’ve been hooked ever since! I appreciate the culture and I love how it brings oneness amongst people. It’s a must that I play every year and I have no desire to stop! During this experience, I’ve gained close friends and made family all because of my love for soca! Here’s to many more years of playing Mas with the best band and the best people!!!



My name is Shareena, The West Indian Princess. I am from Queens, New York. My mom is from Guyana and my father is from Jamaica. I remember growing up watching my cousins put on these colorful costumes with feathers and I always wanted to wear one too. When I was about 10 I finally got to do a mini carnival with my cousins and I played mas ever since. It’s the best experience one can have; it's priceless! I think the worst part of carnival is when it has to end!



I play mas to set my soul free; free from any type of judgment, or fears. Mas brings me an indescribable feeling of joy & happiness.





My name is Jeremy and I was born and raised in the isle of spice where everything is nice, Grenada! I have a passion for graphic arts, animation and music. Follow me on Instagram @wildstyledesignz for all your flyer needs. To me mas is where I am able to express myself and embrace my heritage. Come join me on the road for the love of Mas! 

I am 21 years old. I currently attend Georgia State University and I am majoring in journalism and marketing. I also run a natural hair Instagram page and YouTube Channel called CurlFriendAri. I encourage women and girls to unapologetically wear their natural hair. I create hair and makeup tutorials. I also offer advice and tips for natural hair health. I joined VnV to connect to my roots and culture. As a Caribbean-American I've often felt like I was lacking or not as connected as I should be, so I wanted to participate in one of the most beautiful traditions associated with my culture. Thanks to VnV I was able to do that! 



I love playing mas because it is a part of my culture. With my mother being from Trinidad and father from Grenada, playing mas is a way to embrace my culture. Playing mas allows me to hear the music I love and also enjoy people from other countries.



My name is Mercedes, I’m 28 and I’m from Atlanta, Ga. Playing mas is something I've always wanted to do but never did until I met my VnV family! Playing mas gives me a rush of pure positive energy, I love it!



My name is Jungle Jim, and playing mas makes me feel free of care and worry! GOOD VIBES ONLY!