As owner and Founder of  Vibez and Vision  I am very passionate about Vibez and Vision and always love to assure we give the best quality from materials to customer service. I am known to strive for excellence, have an open mind, heart,  and I love to create that family feel with my clients and team members. I  have an extensive background in business holding a Bachelors in Marketing Management and a Masters in Business Administration.  My culture and creating beautiful designs are my passion. Trini to de bone! Carnival and soca to me equals life!  With attending carnivals as a youth into adulthood and participating in playing Mas becoming a designer became second nature. For the love of Mas and my culture is why I do what I do. When you are on the road you and the  music become one. Come experience that feeling with us. Below I introduce my amazing team.

                                                                                                               - Kerry Rampersad

Owner/ Designer


V&V Bad Gyal Lexi here! From 9-5 I'm all about multicultural marketing and consulting, but forever in my heart, I am a masquerader. I remember from young plating the may pole and playing mas. The rhythmic and melodic beating of the steel drums despite the cacophony in the world; the feathers and jewels representing liberation, freedom and equality instead of the thorns, tattered clothing and nooses representing oppression and slavery; the songs passed down generation to generation all manifesting that generations truth, Carnival. Being a proud Guyanese American taught me that tradition and community matter, and that no matter how far we go in life, we must remember where we came from in order to be humbled by where we end up. Carrying the Carnival spirit with me, I came to understand that we are one people, and that we all have the same foundation which brings us together. My culture flows deep, and I pray that through Vibez and Vision, I can share my love for it with the world.

                                                                                               - Alexis Roe

Band Leader 


Music is powerful! Soca my drug of choice! My name won’t ring a bell to many, as I am better known as the one who is always smiling and bouncing around to whatever type of music is playing. I enjoy learning about different cultures, especially that of the African Diaspora. Comparing and contrasting our experiences is always humbling as the similarities are always greater despite how many miles apart one resides. Growing up in Southern Belize laid the foundation for my respect and appreciation of culture and history. I was introduced to carnival as a teenager. I played mas for a few years and even lead a kiddie carnival group in my hometown for a couple years. However, I was always curious about the details of what happens behind the scenes on a larger scale. Desiring to learn more about what it entails to bring to life what I experienced on carnival day, thankfully, led me to Vibez and Vision. The flags of all the countries proudly on display, the creativity exhibited through the colorful costumes and music never ceases to amaze. You can find me working behind the scenes as I enjoy helping others and believe in quality over quantity! See you on the road!

                                                                                         - Carla Johnson 

Band Leader/ Operational Coordinator