My name is Mercedes, I’m 28 and I’m from Atlanta, Ga. Playing mas is something iv’e always wanted to do, but never did, until I met my VnV family! Playing mas gives me a rush of pure positive energy, I love it!                                                                                 


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“Soca til I die! Soca give me life!” I’m Kadijah and I’m addicted to playing mas! I am a Orthopedic Nurse by day and a Soca Queen by night. As a child, all I can remember is being fascinated with all of the colors and feathers that they wore in the parades. With a Guyanese/Ethiopian background, I started to become more aware of the culture and began to play mas about 3 years ago. My first time playing mas for Atlanta Dekalb was with VnV and I’ve been hooked ever since! This is my home band and I’m here to stay. I can be behind the scenes or you can catch me on di road bussin ah whine! 



My name is Destiny but I’m also known as Deedee and Dezzy by close friends and family. With a Cajun and Creole background, parades, feathers, and African culture have been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I started having an eye for carnival when I took a trip to the islands in 2013 and I realized the similarities between New Orleans and the Caribbean islands. I started playing Mas in 2017 and I’ve been hooked ever since! I appreciate the culture and I love how it brings oneness among t people. It’s a must that I play every year and I have no desire to stop! During this experience, I’ve gained close friends and made family all because of my love for soca! Here’s to many more years of playing Mas with the best band and the best people!




My name is Shareena, The West Indian Princess. I am from Queens, New York. My mom is from Guyana and my father is from Jamaica. I remember growing up watching my cousins put on these colorful costumes with feathers and I always wanted to wear one too. When I was about 10 I finally got to do a mini carnival with my cousins and I played mas ever since. It’s the best experience one can have; it's priceless! I think the worst part of carnival is when it has to end!



Hi! My name is Kymani pronounced like key-mon-ee. I was born in New York and raised in Georgia I am of Trinidadian descent. I love carnival because of the vibes, music, dancing, and being able to celebrate my culture.



My name is Jada, aka Empress J, and I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, grew up in Brooklyn, NY and have been living in Atlanta for 2 years now.  Ever since I can remember I’ve always played Mas. As a child I would play Kiddies Carnival on the Parkway and I continued to take part in Carnival ever since. It is a freeing experience and brings all kinds of people together and that’s what I love about it. I am excited to be apart of the VnV Crew and look forward to  making lots of memories with my new famalayyyy




Hey everyone! My name is Victoria and I’m from Boston, MA. I like to call myself the self proclaimed Princess of Haiti! Coming from a Caribbean household Soca was a great portion of my life. Currently I work at the Trap Music Museum and I run a YouTube channel. I’m between that I play mas and enjoy Soca and Caribbean events. I can’t wait to see all of you on de road and fete all day and night. 



My name is Cece and I’m 24 years old. Hailing from Boston, and roots from Haiti, I grew up with the utmost love for soca. I currently attend the University of West Georgia. I am double majoring in Marketing and Management, minoring in French and concentration in International business. I work for the Trap Music Museum as an actor and event coordinator. I love Soca and I can’t wait to wine up my waist with my famaly on de road!



My name is Rebecca aka Becky. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. This would be my 1st year playing mas with a great band and I’m super excited!!! I don’t have much of a Caribbean background but I have lots of love for Soca and the culture. I look forward to meeting new faces and spending much time with my new VNV family! ️



My name is Courtney but yall can call me court court.. I’m 24 years old . I’m a fun and outgoing girl . I love everything about playing Mas!! You can always catch me with the vibes!! to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.




Hey my name is Aleika but my friends/family call me Alee or Leekee. I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica but i emigrated to the states at age 3. I'm a mom to a beautiful princess and i am currently in my last semester of nursing school. This is my first year with VnV, however, I played mas previously. I'm all about having a great time that's why i fell in love with playing mas. I love how Soca music has a way of uniting and uplifting people.  As soon as i hear Soca mi haffi whine up mi likkle self. I'm really happy to be a part of this team and ready fi touch road ! 



Hello , my name is StevieK A.K.A “Drunker”  , born and raised in Hollywood ,Florida... joined the VnV family about 3yrs aqo .... I’m Guyanese GT blood 🇬🇾 born whinner. To me carnival Szn means MORE life , Free up & Have NO WORRIES ..... just want to welcome everyone and say Let’s Have a memorable Yr  #ComeGetYoSweetToothFix                                      



Patrice is an au naturale Atlanta girl who is Trini 2 de Bone! Born in New York and raised in Atlanta her love for the Caribbean is driven by her free spirit that craves the bacchanal! A dual citizen of the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, her heart and bloodline is rooted in her country. She first started in 2017 from the guidance of family and will play Mas on de road every single year forever...anytime...anywhere! Her career as a nonprofit organization education specialist is invigorated by the freedom she expresses. Her love for Carnival transcends to helping other embrace their joy and being the best version of themselves. Her favorite color is glitter, so you know what to expect when she jumpin for Mas!